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Sustainable Australia Fund works with local councils to help Australian businesses upgrade their buildings, unlock savings and become more sustainable. We’re excited to release this video showing how we can help businesses complete building upgrades…

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Paringa Estate

With the cost of energy soaring and energy reliability continuing to decline, Paringa Estate on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has used an EUA to fix energy cost.

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Booth Transport

A nationwide logistics business, Booth Transport must closely manage expenses to safeguard margins. Learn how Booth used multiple EUAs across the state to fund essential water treatment and solar cost.

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Environmental Upgrade Finance for Dairy Farmers

With financial impact to the business his biggest concern, Kevin calculated whether the figures would stack up. The great news is that after installing the new solar system, the farm is 90% self-sufficient and Kevin is feeling confident in the future….

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Environmental Upgrade Finance for Orchadists

Funding a solar installation via an EUA (environmental upgrade agreement) was Peter’s best bet. But with little knowledge of solar systems – and how to finance them – Peter was unsure where to look for advice….

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Solar Finance Video

Sustainable Melbourne Fund provided 100% project finance to assist a small business in Melbourne install solar and make repayments through the council rates. See how it was achieved.

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Investment program video

Sustainable Melbourne Fund can provide up to 100% loan finance for building retrofit projects or for innovative technology that delivers wider environmental benefits.

Here’s how it works:

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Introduction to Sustainable Melbourne Fund

A video series that best explains who, what and how Sustainable Melbourne Fund are helping the community.

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​How Environmental Upgrade Finance works

An EUA is an agreement between a property owner, a bank and local government that facilitates a building upgrade to improve energy efficiency.

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