The #A2SE2013 event experience

The Alliance to Save Energy summer study or #A2SE2013 was held in Sydney from 27 February to 1 March. It was a conference attracting sustainability technology enthusiasts in the built environment from around Australia as part of a global event series.Have you been to a conference or other event lately where the person sitting next to you is madly tweeting speaker comments? Or tweeting an instagram pic of a room full of encapsulated participants?
Don’t roll your eyes! Event tweeters are the much needed note-takers, photographers and videographers documenting all the important takeaway messages, tips and tricks on various social media platforms that you’re hearing and seeing live at the event. And we think they’re invaluable!
Sustainable Melbourne Fund CEO, Scott Bocskay attended and presented on several panels while the team back in Melbourne manned the forte, actively participating online using our Twitter handle @SMFAus. As both a tweeter and a speaker, Scott (@ScottBocskay) tweeted knowledge and insights throughout the event and gained insights from others both online and off.
Meanwhile… back at our desks in Melbourne, we were able to follow the issues and topics being addressed and engage with likeminded and interesting professionals and sustainability enthusiasts.The Alliance to Save Energy’s Storify feed is an aggregation of all social media conversations and photos that took place among participants of the #A2SE2013 shared by organisers of the event.If you couldn’t make it to the event yourself (or even if you did!), take a look at our experience below or view it in Storify here.

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