$100 million of innovative green loans now available

Our green loans have always been a smart choice for businesses looking to drive sustainable growth. Since 2014, we’ve saved local businesses over $100 million per year in operational costs through $40 million of Upgrade Finance.

We’re excited to announce our green loans are now bigger and better than ever, with $100 million in green loans now available for local businesses.

Expanded Funding and New Flexible Choices

Our $100 million expanded finance facility means we have even more money available to help businesses improve their profitability through building upgrades. Our new loan products will deliver more speed, greater flexibility, and extra choices for our customers.

This includes:

Accelerated Approval: With our Fast Track Green Loan, eligible businesses can secure up to $200,000 without the need to submit financials.

Fixed and Variable Rate Interest Options: Eligible businesses can now choose an SAF green loan with either fixed or variable interest rate options.

Here’s a summary of our loan options and their key features, benefits and eligibility requirements.

SAF Green Loans Key Features*

*Subject to credit and approval criteria, additional terms and conditions apply.

With our new green loan options, there has never been a better time to implement projects which drive business profitability and sustainable growth.

About Us

The Sustainable Australia Fund (SAF) supports businesses to make upgrades to their building or property. These upgrades reduce costs while improving the value of your asset.

Eligible upgrades include:

  • Renewable energy and battery storage
  • HVAC and equipment upgrades
  • Asbestos removal and roof replacement
  • Building insulation
  • Flammable cladding replacement
  • Electric vehicle charging stations

…plus much more! The upgrade will qualify if it improves efficiency or reduces waste on your building or property.

Our property-linked green loan products are unique on the market. Features of our products include flexible loan terms of up to 20 years, competitive interest rates and attractive lending terms.

We can fund 100% of a projects costs enabling businesses to start saving from day one with positive net cash flow benefits.

For more information, contact us at info@sustainableaustraliafund.com.au or call us on 1300 432 044.




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