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Every dollar we invest will improve our customers’ cash flow while also making the world a better place.

The Sustainable Australia Fund is Australia’s leading provider of finance for businesses to upgrade their buildings to achieve savings through energy efficiencies, as well as addressing climate change.

Made in Melbourne

In 2002 the City of Melbourne showed tremendous vision and leadership in creating the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, to invest in increasing the sustainability of the city’s buildings.

This led to the creation of an entirely new form of finance: Environmental Upgrade Finance.

The unique terms of this finance were specially designed to overcome many of the barriers to environmental upgrades, including business cashflow and the split incentive between landlords and tenants.

The idea spread quickly, with New South Wales and South Australia later passing the enabling legislation to join the program.

A new era

In 2019 the Sustainable Melbourne Fund was renamed the Sustainable Australia Fund, and significantly recapitalised and expanded nationally with a loan facility in excess of $200m.

The Sustainable Australia Fund is a for-purpose company, determined to unlock business cashflow and an economy shifting towards sustainability.

Arron Wood
City of Melbourne Deputy Lord Mayor

“We wish Sustainable Australia Fund every success in unlocking environmental upgrade finance across NSW and South Australia. This finance mechanism is truly a win-win: both for businesses and the environment.”

Partners in sustainability

Created out of local government, the Sustainable Australia Fund now partners with more than 40 local governments across the country to deliver savings and sustainability to our clients.

On the ground, we work with a network of local installation partners, who are helping Australian businesses realise their dream of generating their own energy.

Sustainable Melbourne Fund is established by City of Melbourne
Legislation is passed in City of Melbourne to enable Environmental Upgrade Finance, and in NSW for Building Upgrade Finance (BUF), incorporating heritage upgrades
First Environmental Upgrade Agreement signed in City of Melbourne
Legislation is updated to to allow all councils in Victoria to offer EUF
First council outside City of Melbourne opens up EUF
South Australia passes enabling legislation for Building Upgrade Finance (BUF)
Sustainable Australia Fund expands nationally

Our Leadership Team

We are led by an outstanding team of passionate advocates for Australian business. Every day our team work to find solutions to the challenges businesses face in becoming sustainable. Each is a leader in their field with a track record of success.

Scott Bocskay

CEO / Managing Director

Scott Bocskay is a widely celebrated as a leader and visionary in sustainable finance. He joined the City of Melbourne in 2007 as the Australian Country Director for the Clinton Climate Initiative. Three years later, Scott took over as CEO of the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, having played a pivotal role in developing our unique form of finance with state and local governments. Scott has a wealth of previous experience as a senior executive consultant providing strategic and commercial advisory services to a range of clients.



Georgette Godbolt

Head of Sales and Channels

Georgette joined Sustainable Australia Fund in 2022, with close 20 years of sales experience, focused over the last decade in the financial services and renewables sector. Her role oversees the sales and partnership function within the business, actively working with the sales team, local councils, and commercial partners to help their clients achieve their sustainability goals. Georgette has worked as a sales mentor and coach to teams across various industries by helping them achieve best practice outcomes though strategic sales plans.



Takaedza Mutambiranwa

Head of Operations and Portfolio Management

Taka serves as Head of Operations and Portfolio Management at Sustainable Australia Fund. He brings 15+ years of fixed income experience in roles spanning capital markets, leveraged finance, technology and credit ratings. With a proven track record of developing and implementing successful business strategies, building scalable operations, and delivering strong financial results, Taka oversees portfolio management, treasury, finance and operations. He relocated from the UK and joined the SAF in 2022, motivated by the alignment of his personal values and the company’s core mission



Our Board

Erik Zimmerman

Independent Director

Over a thirty-year career Erik has worked in most aspects of business, for both large corporates and small entrepreneurial businesses. He is currently CEO of Sitetech Solutions, a leader in the field of site hire, fencing and safety with more than 2,750 building sites in Victoria and over 40 major builders using Sitetech equipment. Erik has made a personal commitment to becoming a part of the solution to global energy challenges and has a passion for translating consumer trends into business success.



Robert Jamieson

Independent Director

Robert is a senior partner with the international law firm, Ashurst. His practice involves energy and resources, environment and government (including governance and probity) matters. He is currently the Practice Head of the firm’s environmental law practice and is the Practice Head of the firm’s South East Asian Utilities and Resources Practice (gas, electricity, water, renewables and waste).



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