Credit Suisse backs $100 million in innovative green loans with Sustainable Australia Fund


Sustainable Australia Fund, through its partnership with Credit Suisse, will supercharge Australia’s clean energy transition, with Credit Suisse committing $100 million to help Australian businesses upgrade their buildings to be more sustainable, while making a positive contribution to climate change mitigation and the environment.

 Sustainable Australia Fund offers green loans for building upgrades, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and costs, improving bottom lines and enabling a faster transition to clean energy.

With Credit Suisse’s financing, Sustainable Australia Fund is launching Australia’s first upgrade finance debt facility, a variable rate product with fast approvals for loans up to $200,000.

As energy prices skyrocket and the pressure to move towards clean energy mounts, the Sustainable Australia Fund is stepping in.

“This is an exciting new step in the growth of financing for green buildings,” said Scott Bocskay, Chief Executive Officer of the Sustainable Australia Fund.

“We are thrilled to work with Credit Suisse to make an even bigger impact in the green loans space. As a specialised non-bank lender, our mission is to support businesses to save money while reducing their environmental footprint. This expanded loan facility allows us to work with even more businesses of all sizes. ”

Will Farrant, Head of Securitised Products, Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse said “The growth and scale of this innovative asset class is an important step towards unlocking the capital needed to fund energy transition.

“At Credit Suisse, we have set a target to provide at least CHF300 billion in sustainable finance by 2030. The development of this fund aligns closely with Credit Suisse’s commitment to helping our clients transition to a lower carbon future and we are pleased to partner with Sustainable Australia Fund on this important venture.”

Since 2014, Sustainable Australia Fund have financed more than $40 million worth of projects, saving businesses an estimated $100 million by reducing business input costs.

“This new debt facility will significantly increase the scale of our impact,” said Scott Bocskay.

Businesses interested in pursuing a building upgrade project (such as solar, energy, water and waste efficiency) can visit

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