CEO’s Report: Cash is King and Solar is the Queen

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The big news we have this edition is that SMF has launched its new SMF Solar Finance product. SMF’s Solar finance enables customers have electricity  generated from the sun in their business with no money upfront, easy quarterly payments through the council rates and reduced electricity bills.  The net  result now available to many businesses within the City of Melbourne is additional cash in your business’ pocket, enabling business to profit from the sun  from day one.

SMF Solar Finance utilises Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) to make going solar in your business easy. SMF has now financed Australia’s  first  Solar EUAs (that’s right, plural) in the City of Melbourne. Right now a 30kW and 10 kW solar systems are generating electricity for their owners (and  tenants) within businesses in North Melbourne and Kensington.

We have all seen the dramatic rise of the rooftop solar phenomenon in Australia with over 3.1 million Australians now living and working beneath a set of  solar panels. Commercial scale solar is the new frontier with finance products now making going solar easier and more commercially attractive for  businesses.

There is increasing interest in solar and EUAs, be it residential, commercial or utility scale, SMF is fielding many enquiries from local councils and  customers about our products and services which make going solar and upgrading your building easier.

SMF welcomes the launch of the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action’ (WAGA) ‘Low Carbon West’ strategy which includes all these actions within that strategy.  SMF looks forward to working with Councils and the State government in making all of these opportunities a reality and builds upon SMF strong pedigree in solar investments going back to the original solar neighbourhoods program in partnership with Rezeko (now AGL Solar).

The new State Government has been elected upon a platform that includes the extension of the EUA legislation across Victoria.  With the legislation making it through the Upper house during the last Parliament, SMF is hopeful that an expansion of the EUA marketplace can be an early priority of the new government.

With 1.5 square kilometres of suitable roof space within the City of Melbourne, it’s now time to go solar this summer with SMF’s Solar finance. If you want to install a solar system between 10 and 100kW on your business’s roof and your business is in the City of Melbourne, SMF can now help. Get in contact with our team to find out more.

Finally, we would like to thank our stakeholders, clients and board members for their support and expertise throughout 2014. We hope you all have a relaxing and safe holiday period and look forward to working with you in 2015

Scott Bocskay


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