Preloved buildings re-loved

AIRAH’s Preloved Buildings Conference held at Sydney’s Doltone House last month hosted some of Australia’s biggest innovators and thinkers in Australia’s built environment.

Exploring the possibilities and challenges of Australia’s existing buildings, the conference was affectionately donned with the tagline ‘preloved buildings re-loved’.

The conference held over 13th and 14th November explored key topics of:

  • Melbourne’s Council House 2 (CH2) in review
  • Re-lifing and recycling buildings
  • Optimising the workplace environment to maximise productivity
  • Case studies: Existing building upgrades
  • Rule-based fault-detection technology
  • Rating tools update
  • Revision of AS3598:2000 Energy Audits
  • Saving energy through better air filtration for healthy indoor environments
  • The new international standard ISO 12759 Fans – Efficiency classification

AIRAH CEO, Phil Wilkinson, said that bringing the existing building stock in Australia up to speed is equally as important as the focus on new high-performing structures.

“We all know that existing buildings comprise the lion’s share of the energy and emissions consumption in the built environment, that most of our initiatives have short pay-back periods, and improve the lot of building owners and tenants alike,” Wilkinson says. “Why then is it so hard for building upgrade projects to get funded and get off the ground?

The message is simple and clear. With significantly longer payback periods (up to 20 years) and a special Environmental Upgrade Charge (EUC) that can be contributed to the loan repayments by tenants, creating a new revenue stream for the building owner. The tenant energy costs, reduced as a result of the chiller upgrade, mean that the EUC payment leaves the tenant in a healthier environmental position and a no-worse-off financial position that continues to improve over time as energy prices increase.

There is high demand for facilitation of EUA finance as a tool to enhance the economics of building retrofit and consequently enable projects to happen.

As the first of its kind in Australia, SMF operates in three core activity areas:

  1. INVESTING in innovative projects that create positive ‘sustainability’ outcomes
  2. IDENTIFYING commercial opportunities in sustainability for its customers
  3. ENABLING finance to flow to retrofit projects in the City of Melbourne on commercially attractive terms and act as their 3rd Party Administrator.

To find out how an EUA can enhance the economic opportunities of our buildings retrofit, contact us.

Image credit: Eco-Generation


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