Wyndham City Council

Project overview

One of Australia’s most respected freight and logistics providers. The company has been around for 80 years and its operations expand across five states with 600 employees and approximately 300 trucks. They chose solar to save on energy bills so they can invest in other parts of the business.

Upgrade details

  • 99.75 kW system was installed in Laverton and a 391.02 kW system in Strathmerton.
  • 100kWh Tesla Powerpack installed in Strathmerton
  • EUA over 10 years


  • $141,250 annual savings in energy bills
  • Cashflow positive from day one

Booth Transport

“The good thing about this is we will free up between 15-20% of our bills over a 12 month period which means that money goes back into other things in the business.

“The repayments were attractive because they came out of the council rates once a quarter, rather than every month, so it makes it a lot more manageable than servicing a normal loan.

Other Success Stories

Rye Hotel

Peter sees that the long term Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) has resulted in a 25% saving on existing accounts. This enables Peter to use savings to make repayments as well as funnel dollars back into the business….


Ritchie’s Supa IGA

Building upgrades via an EUA provide win-win benefits for both tenant and landlord. The asset improves in value, while a business saves on energy costs without encumbering its balance sheet.


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