Hussey & Co

Hussey & Co


Mornington Peninsula Shire

Installation Partner

Cherry Energy Solutions

Project Overview

Hussey & Co is a lettuce farm on the Morning Peninsula that delivers quality produce to Australia and overseas. With 74 acres of land, multiple sheds and industrial processing facilities, it relies heavily on energy to stay in business.


Energy consumption was paralysingly high, and with prices increasing this posed a significant threat for the company to stay price competitive with outside competitors.


After initially installing a roof-mounted system and realising $14k pa of savings, Hussey & Co were so impressed they decided to take out another EUA almost immediately for a ground-mounted system.

  • Stage 1: 99.64kW system
  • Stage 2: 505kW system
  • Total: 887kW total solar PV array

The solar upgrades saved over $86,000 / year in electricity costs. It also cuts 754 tonnes of carbon emissions, which is the equivalent of taking 161 cars off the road each year.

Hussey & Co

Lance Petersen

Hussey & Co

General Manager

“Since the last 99kW solar system was installed through EUF last year, our business has realised a $14,000 reduction in our power bills. We expect this new solar installation of 505 kW to multiply these savings five-fold.

“EUF has been a great way for our business to simply access finance with a favourable rate and term.”

Other Success Stories

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