Why should installers offer our finance?

It’s a question we get asked a lot from installers and contractors – why should we offer your finance to our customers? How does it help us?

And – it’s a fair enough question. We’re all busy and trying to do the best thing by our customers and close more deals. 

So, why should you? 

1. Close more deals

Our finance is unique in that it can make almost any project cashflow positive. Your client may be unsure if they should go ahead with the installation and outlay all that cash. With our finance, they don’t have provide any capital and can be ahead from day one, where savings exceed repayments. And as the finance is secured against the property, not the owner, if they decide to sell in the future, the finance (and upgrade) can be transferred to the new owner. 

2. Offer a turnkey solution

When you’re talking to customers about an installation, and you can offer it as a package with our long-term, fixed-interest finance, you can be more involved in all aspects of the deal. Our Business Development team will work with you and your customer to make sure everything is understood, everyone is comfortable, and the environmental upgrade agreement terms offer the best solution for the customer. With Sustainable Australia Fund, you will never be left in the dark. 

3. Develop a relationship with Council

Our finance in offered in partnership with local Councils, as they collect the repayments on the upgrade through their rates system. Having a strong working relationship with Council will establish your business in the community and make you a trusted economic development partner. 

4. It’s easy, and getting easier

A few years ago, it was admittedly a little complex to organise a three-party finance agreement for environmental upgrades. We now have an online quote tool for installers to issue complete quotes to customers, wherever they are. And we have just launched online applications, meaning your customers can get their application in to be assessed quicker than ever. 

5. Sales support and training

Our Channel Partner & Account Manager Christine Gross used to work on the version of this program in the USA (called PACE), so she really knows what she’s talking about. She’s now with us and working with installers every day to help them close more deals. She runs weekly training webinars for installers to understand our finance better and close more deals with it (if you want to attend, let us know).

6. Co-branding and marketing

We are better together! We will work with your team to develop opportunities for media exposure, promotional opportunities and other ways to spread the word (for example, this case study video).


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