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Sustainable Australia Fund

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Sustainable Australia Fund

Finance Your Building Upgrade With No Impact On Cashflow

Building upgrade loans for environmental works, enabled by government

  • Loans tied to building, not owner
  • No capital or security required
  • Repayments collected through council rates
  • Up to 100% finance including hard and soft costs
Environmental Upgrade Finance Explained

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    How It Works:

    Environmental Upgrade Finance

    If your business wants to do a building upgrade you may have access to government enabled finance. Environmental Upgrade Finance has low fixed rate interest periods with long loan terms that gives you access to the capital you need to unlock savings and make your building more sustainable.

    Repayments are made through your local council, over terms up to 20 years, meaning your business could be cash-flow positive in year one.

    What’s different from other loans?
    • Up to 100% project finance, including hard and soft costs.
    • Loan terms between 4 - 20 years
    • Repayments made via local council rates
    • Repayments can be split between landlord and tenants
    • No requirement for personal or business security
    Who can apply?

    Any type of business can apply, provided:

    • Building is on rateable land
    • Primarily a non-residential property
    • Upgrade has a measurable environmental benefit

    This includes Agriculture, Commercial Office Building, Tourism and Commercial and Industrial properties.

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      Sustainable Melbourne Fund

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      Our Finance

      Our finance can be used to fund a range of environmental and building upgrade projects that comply with the relevant state-based government legislation. Our team can guide you on the eligibility process, but if the works improve the energy, water, environmental efficiency or sustainability of existing buildings, they will likely qualify. Finance can also be used for many of the auxiliary, soft and hard costs associated with these projects. Our three financial products are designed to meet the needs of different businesses pursuing the most popular upgrade projects.

      Sustainable Melbourne Fund

      Why We’re The Right Partner For You

      The Sustainable Australia Fund was established by the City of Melbourne in 2002 as a part of their eco-city vision. In 2019 the fund was recapitalised and scaled, in partnership with Bank Australia, to drive environmental upgrades at a national scale.

      We are Australia’s leading provider of Environmental Upgrade Finance. We've invested more than $30m in environmental upgrades for Australian businesses, saving more than 300,000 tonnes of emissions from entering the atmosphere.

      We work with businesses like yours to improve your cash flow while making the world a better place. Complete the form on the right and our team will take you through how it could help your business.

      Why SAF is Right For You!

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        Now Available

        New Fast Track Green Loan now available!

        Our new Fast Track Green loan will deliver more speed, greater flexibility, and extra choices for our customers.

        This includes:

        + Accelerated approval: With our Fast Track Green Loan, eligible businesses can secure up to $200,000 without the need to submit financials for faster approvals.

        + Fixed and Variable Rate Interest Options: All our eligible businesses can now choose an SAF green loan, including out Fast Track Green Loan with either a fixed or variable interest rate, providing the flexibility in funding you deserve.

        Find out more and apply today!