Flexi VEEC

Discounted green loan to help you save even more with solar

  • Finance with a 2% interest rate reduction for the life of the loan
  • $0 upfront
  • Slash your energy costs

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Our finance is offered in partnership with local councils. Check to see if yours is participating here

We Understand

At Sustainable Australia Fund, we understand that a lot of businesses want to get the correct size solar system for their needs, but don’t want to risk outlying large amounts of working capital without knowing that their system will perform as expected to deliver the benefits of the VEECs.

Many businesses who have already installed smaller 99kW systems are now looking at ‘correcting’ the size of their system and adding to it to suit their energy needs (and save more money). So we sat down and found a way to deliver better value to you, without negatively impacting your cash flow, so that you can get the solar you need today.

Introducing Flexi VEEC

Sustainable Australia Fund’s Flexi VEEC discounted loan provides up to 2% interest rate reductions for the life of the loan, helping you install solar to reduce your energy costs. Free up capital with $0 upfront and reduced quarterly repayments, giving you better cash flow in your business.

How Flexi VEEC Works

Sustainable Australia Fund offers you a 2% interest rate reduction for the life of the loan in exchange for the VEECs being assigned to us. This can reduce your repayments by up to 20% from day one! The interest rate discount often exceeds the value of the VEECs over the life of the loan, and if your solar system overperforms, we pay you an additional  cash lump sum payment once the VEECs are created. You then have the option to extend the length of the loan and reduce your repayments, creating better cash flow within your business.

But what if your system under performs? We’ve thought of that too. We can absorb the shortfall  into the loan so that your quarterly loan repayments stay materially the same. This provides  peace of mind and predictability to help you become more sustainable today.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 2% interest rate reduction for the life of the loan, reducing repayments
  • Providing up to 40% increase in benefits compared to the VEEC initiative alone
  • 100% of project costs funded
  • $0 deposit
  • No traditional forms of security are required
  • No directors or personal guarantees
  • Finance is attached to the property, so if it’s sold it can travel to the new owner
  • Repayments can be passed onto tenants, and paid for as part of their outgoings alongside  council rates
  • Flexible, you may extend the term of the loan after the VEECs are created


  1. Your project must be qualified under the Victorian Energy Upgrades project-based activities by one of SAF’s partners.
  2. A qualifying project is a Solar PV system above 100kW. The project may also include the installation of batteries and ancillary works.
  3. Most of the power generated by the project needs to be consumed on-site and make a material reduction to grid electricity consumption, helping you to save money.
  4. Standard lending and credit criteria apply

Contact us to see if your project qualifies and take advantage of our FlexiVEEC green loan.

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