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Credit Suisse backs $100 million in innovative green loans with Sustainable Australia Fund

AUGUST 2022 Sustainable Australia Fund, through its partnership with Credit Suisse, will supercharge Australia’s clean energy transition, with Credit Suisse committing $100 million to help Austra..


From heritage buildings to brand new premises: Wangaratta is going solar

The Rural City of Wangaratta has joined the green revolution, with two solar panel projects saving local businesses energy and money. The first can be found at Café Martini, housed inside what was..


$3,500 Solar for Business rebates now available

Solar Victoria recently launched the Solar for Business Program, which will offer rebates of up to $3,500 to businesses looking to install roof mounted solar systems to their commercial property. ..


Award-winning Four Pillars now powered by the sun

Last week Four Pillars took home World's Best Signature Botanical Gin at the 2021 World Gin Awards.  Fans of their prize-winning Olive Leaf Gin can now enjoy their G&T guilt free, knowing the..


The future’s green for Melbourne’s oldest independent brewery

3 Ravens independent brewery and bar in Thornbury is looking towards a greener future with the installation of a new solar system – the first project of its kind in Darebin, with funding enabl..


Media Release: Sustainable Australia Fund launch special terms to support the industry

14 April 2020 Sustainable Australia Fund (SAF) works in collaboration with local councils, installers and businesses, and has seen the immediate impact the COVID-19 has had on the solar industry over ..


Media Release: SAF’s Better Building Finance service recognised for outstanding achievements in 2018

The Sustainable Australia Fund’s Better Building Finance service has been announced as a finalist in the 2019 Victorian Premier's Sustainability Awards (Innovative Products or Services category), an..


Media Release: City of Melbourne vision unlocks sustainability across Australia

Monday 6 May 2019 One of Australia’s most innovative finance structures, established by the City of Melbourne to power investment in environmental outcomes by businesses, is being recapitalised a..


Our brand new explainer video

Sustainable Australia Fund works with local councils to help Australian businesses upgrade their buildings, unlock savings and become more sustainable. We're excited to release this video showing how ..


Paringa Estate

"I see my energy bills here, over the last few years, have just constantly been going up. Wineries are fairly energy hungry, and we have a restaurant we use a lot of energy there as well. So anything ..


Booth Transport

Sector: Commercial & IndustrialCouncil: Moira ShireUpgrade: 492 kW Solar PV, LED lighting and Tesla batteriesInstallation Partner: Cherry Energy Solutions "We have a national footprint of about..


Investment program video

Sustainable Melbourne Fund can provide up to 100% loan finance for building retrofit projects or for innovative technology that delivers wider environmental benefits. Here's how it works:..


Introduction to Sustainable Melbourne Fund

1) Introduction to Sustainable Melbourne Fund 2) Background 3) Building & Project Eligibility 4) Project Examples & Development 5) Developing Projects with Tenants 6) Environmen..


​How Environmental Upgrade Finance works

An EUA is an agreement between a property owner, a bank and local government that facilitates a building upgrade to improve energy efficiency. We offer 100% finance of energy efficiency projects an..


How to maximise sales with compliant VEEC projects: Our best practice tips

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is an initiative established by the Victorian State Government. The scheme aims to promote energy efficiency by encouraging households, businesses, and indu..


Embracing Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry increasingly faces a pivotal challenge: how do hospitality businesses become more sustainable while ensuring profitability? The hospitality sector, encompassing hotels, restau..


Sustainable Upgrades Made Easy with Funding From Environmental Upgrade Finance

With increasing pressure from the government and customers to be more environmentally conscious, many businesses are finding ways to be more sustainable in their operations. Businesses need help ac..


How to prepare for mandatory climate-related financial disclosure

Climate change is widely recognized as a significant concern for the financial system. It poses material risks that everyone, from capital markets to regulators and corporations, must address. The phy..


Decarbonising the Built Environment Through Building Retrofits

As the world grapples with the urgent need to address climate change, the decarbonisation of buildings has emerged as a crucial endeavour. Buildings play a significant role in global emissions, accoun..


What Does the End of the Financial Year (EOFY) Mean for Business?

As the end of the financial year (EOFY) approaches, businesses around Australia are gearing up to assess their financial standing and plan for the future. EOFY presents a unique opportunity for busine..


How VEECs Can Help Businesses Beat the Energy Price Surge

Energy prices have been rising rapidly in recent times, which has created a significant challenge for businesses. However, businesses can take advantage of various environmental certificates to reduce..


Benefits of EUF for Commercial Building Owners and Tenants

  Mitigating risk and capturing opportunity through Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) The Financial Advantages of EUAs for Building Owners and Tenants The role of collaboration i..


Boost your Commercial Solar Sales with SAF’s Flexi VEEC Loan

Solar is steadily rising in popularity due to the rising energy costs. Despite the rise, businesses tend to find it hard to switch to solar with many obstacles to overcome and end up with small commer..


How to Solve Landlord/Tenant Disagreements for Solar Installers and Close More Deals

  Securing new solar clients can be challenging especially when disagreements arise between tenants that want to reduce their energy costs with solar and landlords that don’t want to pay for..


WEBINAR – Solar Victoria rebates and Environmental Upgrade Finance

Do you have questions about Environmental Upgrade Finance or the application process? Sustainable Australia Fund will be hosting weekly webinars to answer questions about our finance and how it wor..


WEBINAR — Unlock Immediate Cash Savings

Sustainable Australia Fund is Australia's leading provider of Environmental Upgrade Finance - long-term loans for businesses to upgrade their buildings and unlock savings and sustainability. Please..


Better Building Finance

Sustainable Melbourne Fund is proud to announce the launching of a new website dedicated to EUA Finance. is a joint initiative of ClimateWorks Australia and Sustainable..


Blowing Hot and Cold – City of Melbourne’s HVAC Seminar Series

Free seminar series in how to retrofit and manage heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in commercial buildings. Are your tenant’s too cold, too hot or even both at the same time? Is ..


The #A2SE2013 event experience

The Alliance to Save Energy summer study or #A2SE2013 was held in Sydney from 27 February to 1 March. It was a conference attracting sustainability technology enthusiasts in the built environment from..


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